Tipping Movers: What You Need to Know Before Moving Day

Moving can be a challenging and stressful experience, as there are many details to consider and costly moving costs to bear. One commonly overlooked aspect is tipping movers for their staging services. A tip often shows appreciation for a well-done job, but how much is enough? And under what circumstances should you give it? 

This guide will provide clear insights and guidelines and ensure you’re well-informed about proper tipping etiquette amid other moving costs, taking some pressure off that big moving day.

What to Tip Your Moving Company in New York City

With our guide, you can save yourself the awkwardness and stress of deciding how to end your move.

The price of moving companies does not include gratuities. It is a nice gesture to show appreciation for your movers’ hard work. In the moving industry, tipping is common. Your hardworking movers will appreciate it, as do most workers in service industries.

Calculating what is fair for a professional, attentive, and helpful crew can be difficult. We recommend that you take into consideration the following variables:

  1. The difficulty of the move
  2. The service quality
  3. The size of your relocation.
  4. The number of movers who will be relocating on that day

You can prepare yourself for the big day by planning. Trusting your gut instincts and not feeling pressured to give more than you can is important.

Set Aside Your Tipping Budget

You can tell how careful and attentive your movers will be once the move begins, so it’s best to set aside some cash in advance.

You can also pay the moving company a check or make a payment if you want to prove your tip. This decision should be made to ensure you’re prepared for any situation and don’t have to worry during your move.

A general rule is to tip based on a percentage. The industry average is 15% – 20 %.

If you manage a big move, a move of medium size with some challenges, or a move within your local area, we recommend using a tier-based approach.

Estimate the price as a guide.

  • Relocation costs can be as high as 20% for large-scale and long-distance moves.
  • 15% to 20% off for small or medium-sized moves

If the movers have been attentive to your needs all day, they deserve a tip of $200.

It is also important to consider the complexity of the move when calculating the cost. The price would increase if your grandmother’s grand piano had to be moved up and down stairways and across cities.

Calculating Tips for the Day

Professional moving companies follow procedures that ensure their movers provide a minimum standard of service. They also provide custom assistance and training to differentiate themselves from their peers in the industry.

Consider the following factors when planning your move:

  • Arriving on time or updating their arrival time
  • Moving in less time than anticipated
  • Unpacking or setting up your belongings
  • How to navigate flights of stairs
  • There was no damage during the move.
  • You were impressed by your great work ethic.
  • Respectfully engaging with family members, neighbors, and your Super.

The red flags that indicate a need to reduce the tip amount:

  • Arrived late without communication
  • Poor attitude
  • Make excessive noises, shout, and use profanities in front of children and neighbors.
  • Do not follow your instructions on the most fragile and marked boxes. Instead, pile them under heavy furniture and pile up your truck.
  • Your belongings may be damaged.
  • As a tip, they demanded that each mover pay a specific amount.

Professional movers will tirelessly ensure your move goes smoothly and meets your standards.

What to Do With the Tip

After your move, you should thank each mover for their percentage. Divide the tip equally. Feel free if your movers are trying to negotiate the tip with you at the end.

Considerations for Moving Companies

It’s courteous to have some water or soft drinks on hand if you are going to do a large job. During cold winter months, hot coffee is always appreciated. Even though most movers want to get the job done quickly, it is always appreciated if they have the option. They will ask politely for a brief lunch break to eat and drink water. You are not responsible for providing food.

Most companies do not allow their employees to drink alcohol on the job. This is especially true for those who work in transportation.


Tipping professional movers is a common practice that shows appreciation for their hard work and dedication during your relocation process. The amount you tip should reflect the complexity of your move, the quality of the service provided, and your budget. Always remember, the key to a successful move is not just about tipping; it’s about building a professional relationship with your movers based on trust and respect.

Whether you’re planning a long-distance move or a short trip across town, Fast Movers of Sarasota LLC is ready to handle all the logistics for your relocation. Our team of professional movers is dedicated to providing you with a smooth and hassle-free moving experience.

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