Hiring a Moving Company? Remember These Essential Queries!

If you’re planning a move to Sarasota, Florida, you understand the importance of hiring a reliable and trustworthy moving company to assist with your relocation. However, with so many options available, it can take time to determine which company will best meet your needs. We’ve put together this guide to help you navigate the process seamlessly. 

This article will discuss the essential questions you shouldn’t miss asking when hiring a moving company Sarasota. By addressing these queries upfront, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience. 

So, before making your final decision, be sure to read on and arm yourself with the necessary information to hire a reputable moving company that will handle your belongings carefully and professionally.

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Moving Company?

It can be stressful to hire a moving service, but you need to work with reliable movers to ensure a smooth relocation.

According to the Better Business Bureau, in 2012, more than 7,000 complaints were filed against moving companies in the United States. The majority of these complaints were about damaged or missing items. Other complaints included late arrivals, non-respect of quoted prices and failure to provide promised service.

How can you avoid scams or dealing with an unreliable moving company? Prioritize several questions when conducting research. This list is intended to help future movers.

1. Do You Have Any Experience in This Type of Move?

You should choose a moving company with experience in the type you require. You should choose a moving company that offers express cross-country service if you are on a tight deadline and moving long distances. You can also choose a delivery window that suits your needs. If you are moving internationally, the company you hire must be familiar with international shipping and customs regulations.

2. Are You Properly Insured, Bonded, and Licensed?

To avoid scams, check the license of any moving company. Verify the license number for any professional moving company. This includes both local and interstate.

3. What Kind of Insurance Coverage Does Your Firm Provide?

Before you hire a moving company, take the time to learn about liability coverage. It’s not surprising that many claims still need to be submitted. Many people still have to determine the liability of the moving company. Many are disappointed when their insurance doesn’t cover damage or loss. In our blog on coverage, you can learn more about the types of insurance that a moving firm offers.

4. What Kind of Paperwork Will I Receive Before Moving Day?

The type of documentation you will receive before moving day depends on its nature. Local moves will only send you a few things. Standard documentation includes the contract and final quote, an inventory list, and a custom move plan. If you’re moving internationally, knowing what documents are required is important. You will need documents such as customs forms and foreign regulations for an international move.

5. How Long Does It Usually Take to Move?

Every move is different, so there is no correct answer. A one-bedroom move will take less time than a move to a four-bedroom house. Other factors, such as traffic, distances, the assembly and disassembly process, fragile objects, and moving complexity, can also affect the number of hours.

6. Do You Offer Packing Services?

The majority of moving companies offer packing as an optional service. Asking about the packing services will help you avoid additional charges. When you are doing your research, make sure to find out which services each company offers. Ask how much services cost and any preparations required.

We understand the fragility of certain items and their need for special treatment. In addition to packaging, we offer many other services. They include custom crating and long-distance packaging.

7. What Is the Cost of a Mover?

Other moving companies will charge an hourly fee, while others will consider the number of people or the complexity. The price we guarantee depends on your inventory and how far you’re moving. Do your research before hiring a moving company. Ask about the details in your quote. Avoid hidden charges and additional fees at the end.

Find out the preferred method of payment for the moving company you select. Some moving companies accept only cash payments, while others prefer checks and credit cards.

8. What Is the Standard Tip for Movers?

Local movers should tip between 10-20% of the contract. We recommend tipping 5-8% for a long-distance move. Depending on your contract, this is divided between the pickup and delivery teams.


Moving can be a long and complex process. Asking the right questions can ease the transition and reduce stress. After reading this article, We hope you better understand what to consider when selecting a moving company.

Why not choose a reliable and exceptional service for your moving requirements now that you know? Fast Movers of Sarasota is a leading service provider that has provided seamless moving experiences to its clients. We are dedicated to making the moving process a breeze with our team of skilled professionals.

Make the right move. Make the right decision. For a hassle-free move, contact Fast Movers of Sarasota. Peace of mind is only a phone call away.



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